Sunday, September 24, 2017

Walking for Peace

Our Benedictines for Peace committee has initiated monthly Silent Walks for Peace at designated sites in Erie. We had our second one this week and it was an eye-opener for me, a native Erieite who had never been to the pier at the foot of East Avenue near the Erie Coke plant. This plant, a longtime environmental concern, is one of many along the lakeshore that environmentalists and health experts have challenged for decades over the effects on the air and water quality of their productions.

Despite the smokestacks, remnants of the now-closed paper plant, and the nearby still-in-operation coke plant, children were frolicking in the lake as we gathered. No, I won't--not for $1,000.

A beautiful sky as the sun set over Presque Isle, just a short distance across the water.

And this took my breath away--alongside the sidewalks and black-topped roads we walked, this beautiful flowering bit of nature---amidst a not-so-friendly natural area. Just stunning.