Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Eight in eight

I'm dubbing the eight weeks of September and October this year as the Eight in Eight experience....meaning that we had/are having eight major events in these eight weeks. Wheee...they are all wonderful, but a little bit exhausting. It's no wonder I find myself gravitating to the woods more often, just to catch a breather from Mother Nature and see what's going on in the natural world. Here are two happenings that I came upon this week. I wonder what stories they would tell if they could!

Here is a telephone pole like arrangement of beautiful fungi on a tree in the little park area of Benetwood Apartments, just south of us. It's really stunning, but rather hidden away. Maybe others will come take a look when they see it here!

Now here's a real-life mystery. A real baseball right along the path we walk regularly at Glinodo--but it wasn't there last weekend, I assure you! It is covered with cuts and gouges....and 100 yards ahead of it we came upon a fat ground hog scurrying away. Ah, ha!