Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night...

will deter people who work for peace! (As well as postal carriers). And to that end 50-60 of us gathered at the site of an old city bridge, now a pedestrian and bike thoroughfare, for the third of our Silent Peace Walks. And it was raining and cold and windy but "Neither..." Actually it was quite interesting as the bridge is a land one, rising over multiple sets of railroad tracks and factories and other city transportation businesses. In fact, three long locomotive trains passed under us as we walked the 1/2 mile across the bridge and back again. Urban artists have covered the bridge's sides and flat surfaces with those famous balloon-like letters and some really quite artistic scenes. A few bicyclists passed us, as did a couple walkers who were not part of our long silent, single-file parade.

After dozens of cold, windy, snowy, bone-chilling TBTS prayer vigils throughout the years, this was mild! The fourth Silent Peace Walk will be held in mid-November at Erie High. See you there.

And for a visual follow up on the last post. Benedict's new afternoon friends.