Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Final look

I believe that this is the "final look" at our Seven-Mile Creek restoration project: the addition of trees and bushes.

I was standing in the grass, just before the big turn in the creek and took the first photo while pivoting to my right and then the second photo, pivoting left. The environmental engineers have made a very nice and quite wide patch of foliage right at the end of the drive into Glinodo, before you get to the cabins and lakefront.

I was told that these young trees and bushes come from the "tree nursery" that one of our sisters had a hand in procuring at one of our city housing developments a year or so ago. The idea, if I recall correctly, was to get young teens involved in the idea of planting such things around their homes and open areas.

We hope they survive the winter in their new "home" ground!