Sunday, November 5, 2017

Japanese dwarf

This weekend was a little sparse around our place. It was the first "free" weekend in quite awhile and a number of sisters took the opportunity to visit, shop, go out to a movie or show--all things that have been on the proverbial back burner lately. Our four sisters in formation, one postulant and three first professed, traveled south to a retreat center about 1/2 way to Pittsburgh, for a gathering of 30+ men and women--all in formation--from the tri-state area. They reported that the presentations were excellent, in addition to giving them all a chance to hob-nob with others in a similar "seeking" mode. Along with the Benedictine T4 program (an online opportunity for chat and exchange among US Benedictine women in the same stages of formation) these inter-community programs are the way to go nowadays.

Back home we benefited from yet another fine reflection at liturgy Sunday. Among his reflections our presider referenced our dwarf Japanese maple that is in its autumn splendor right now. I'm ashamed to admit that I have passed right by it lately and not noticed. So, I ran right out (at a break in our all day rain) and caught this photo. He is right, it is beautiful now. I found this very impressive name online "Scarlet Princess Dwarf Japanese Maple." I'm not sure it really is one of these, but we can pretend.