Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thing 1,thing 2, thing 3

What's going on in our little part of the world this week? Not too much, gratefully. On the other hand lots of little interesting and important things! Here are three of them:

Thing 1: Another potential Benedicta Riepp seeker has come to see if she would like to live our life for a short period of time. The first month of residence is to answer that question--from both sides. And then the next 6-12 months is spent among us. She must be #18-19 that we've had since the first woman came in 1999. We are blessed.

Thing 2: Snow has finally come, albeit wet and short-lived. I was up by our interstate this weekend (about 4 miles south of the Mount) and it was really coming down. By the time we got home there wasn't any at all, but it's all around us. I lived with an earth science teacher once and she never ceased to share her delight in living in what she called a unique part of the planet with unique weather and unique land. She was, of course, referring to the huge body of water on our northern border and the lake effect snow and beautiful, moderate summers we have--that co-exist in the same place! Her primary lesson: if you live near a large "thing" on the earth (ocean, mountain, desert, canyons, rivers, plains, etc) everything that happens to you, in the earth science sense, is because of it.

Thing 3: We have just finished watching another season of one of those BBC mystery series we love. This one was "Endeavor" a prequel of the popular "Inspector Morse" series. The newer stories take place in the first years of Detective Endeavor Morse's work in the Oxford, England police force. The acting is superb and the stories are great, too. Our cozy, cold winter nights' entertainment is beginning.