Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Give Us This Day

I want to "plug" the marvelous daily prayer book--yes, that's what it would be called, but it's nothing like your childhood version--Give Us This Day. It's produced by the Benedictine publishing house Liturgical Press out in Minnesota and it's been adopted by scores of communities of religious and lay people because it is great!

If this peaks your interest go to and there's a place for a free sample.

What made me think of this plug is that since Christmas we have had a rash of saint's days to celebrate: Stephen, John, Holy Innocents, Basil, Gregory, not to forget the BIG ones: Mother of God, and still to come, the Epiphany and Baptism of Jesus. Give Us This Day does such a fine and contemporary presentation of saints, prayer, daily readings and the art work it includes.

I doubt that you could find something of this genre that's much better/more complete and more suited for "real" life!

P.S. Thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts, prayers and good wishes during our snow-extravaganza Dec. 24+, but to be truthful, we've gotten along pretty well: we're practiced, it was school vacation, and our local municipalities really work hard at clearing roads, helping stuck vehicles, housing street people, etc. Not that there weren't accidents and difficulties, but minimal I'd say. The ones that seem to need our prayers now are the east coast cities. When they get it, they really get hit. Hope they'll just stay home and help their neighbors in need. Good luck and prayerful remembrance to them.

Our chapel alcoves.