Sunday, January 14, 2018

Blessed days

This morning our Sunday Mass celebrant presented truly wonderful reflections on the readings--his underlying base being the beginning of Ordinary Time within the church year--and the blessing of such in our lives.

I often say to myself on Sundays, when thinking about a Monday blog entry, What would a visitor "see" if they were with us this weekend--in our ordinary community life? Here's today's answers:

* the request of our postulant to continue into the novitiate and the agreement of the community for such;
* a simple, yet deeply moving portrayal, by our three scholastics, of the first reading about the call of Samuel when he was just a boy serving in the temple;
* the end of a winter service week with eight Canisius students from Buffalo--fine young adults all;
* slight football mania as our many Pittsburgh Steelers fans (and followers of the other teams, too) watched the four playoff games in the NFL over the weekend;
* the sense of brief but significant relief on most of our faces as we experienced two days when the temperatures hit the 60s (yes, it was quite bizarre as there is still snow around, but it was a welcome spring tease--although somewhat surreal in the middle of January!)

Blessed Ordinary Days.