Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Three days in a row!

Our Canisius visitors on the boardwalk at the lake....Despite the warm air temps, the lake has large frozen areas and ice fishing huts are still visible on the bay.

Monday: set a new daily record high of 65;
Tuesday: set a new daily record high of 72;
Wednesday: tied the daily record high of 70.

In the words of Pat Brodie, our first Benedicta Riepp member in 1999: "Your winters are so interesting--one week there's 6" of snow on everything and two weeks later you see pavement and grass and it's 65 degrees." Pat was from Vermont where, she told us, once the snow started they didn't see the bare ground again till spring!

Between this somewhat annual February weather phenomenon and the latest delightful group of Canisius students here for a service/spirituality experience, we had a great weekend.