Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Window dressing

A shout out to our JC Penney rep. who was here today for the grande finale--the arrival of our new draperies for our guest rooms. Courtesy of a generous donor, we were able to recycle our 30+ year old "tired" draperies to the needy (along with accompanying hardware) and spruce up our guest hall with new ones. Our rep. Linda was terrific--I never knew there was so much to know about windows and window coverings! Step 2 will be looking into carpet--again for floors that have had 1,000s of visitors over the decades.

Hospitality is a growing ministry for us. Between the guest rooms in the monastery and the three hermitages in our woods, we welcome hundreds of visitors a year. They are "easy" to have as guests as they fit right into our schedule and lifestyle fairly well, but the sheer volume takes its toll. In more recent years we replaced old tubs in the adjoining bathrooms with walk-in showers, gave every room an overhead fan for those August dog days and updated bathroom fixtures, bedspreads, etc. Welcome guests!

Old ones are gone.

New ones have sharp pleats and even edges all around.

Yes, they are neutral beige/tan, better to blend with color we can add for bedspreads, et al.