Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Dessert week

We are awash in ice cream, Texas sheet cake and one dessert yet to be determined as we celebrate an unusual number of birthdays this week.

Since there are 90 of us and 365 days in a year, in the perfect mathematical world that would mean a Sister should be having a birthday every 4 days. But the mathematical world is far from the real world, in many instances, and this is one of them. Instead, our birthday celebrations are scattered every which way:

1) This week we have 5 birthdays in 6 days!
2) Instead of being evenly distributed throughout the year (average 7.5/month), we have one month with only four birthdays (February) and three with eleven (April, September and November)!
3) More crazily, we have seven sets of duplicates, one set of triples (June 23) and even one quad (November 27)!

A friend of mine was nearly obsessed with a statistic she read that said, "In a random group of 30 people the chances that two will share the same birthday is nearly 70%." Every year when July 2 would roll around, the birthday of two of our sisters who worked in our offices, she would go bananas all over again, stating this amazing statistic and implying that it was unbelievable. Finally one year I'd had it, I looked up the "proof" of it and subjected the whole staff to the actual process of the proof using newspaper print-sized paper on the walls and markers to go through all of the steps! She believed me (or rather the proof) but one year later went back to exclaiming about it again!!

Anyway, as I started, this last week of April we celebrate five birthdays in six days and therefore, we have dessert almost every day--every celebrant can choose the desert of her choice! Yum, yum!