Sunday, April 29, 2018

Weekend delight

We are, it seems, continually blessed with the most wonderful, top notch, gifted speakers at our spring and fall community weekends, for our June retreats and just about any other time we engage such.

This year's April community weekend was no exception. Massimo Faggioli is a youngish (47), native Italian, professor at Villanova and an expert on Catholic church history, particularly the Vatican II Council. That may sound rather academic put like that, but believe me he was charming, intelligent, humorous and simply fascinating as he shared his "take" on Pope Francis, the 50 years since the Vatican II Council and the overall state of the Catholic Church, worldwide, today.

We had 3+ hours of him, but I found a 5 minute excerpt from an interview he gave. It gives a good taste of what he shared with us. Give it a chance, it's really a captivating subject--if you're Catholic, like Pope Francis or just enjoy information and (educated) opinions on the state of our world and life at this time in history. Click here.