Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Filling My Days

My days are a mish-mash of things for sure. Serious things, trivial things, funny things and all other sorts of things.

Here are a few of my early May "fillers."
Every day I try to work a little on the Title Banner for our latest professed sister. It's rather like a yard-long cross stitched sampler that will read "Of the loving hands of God." It's a privilege to do them--but they take a couple months to complete. A yard is long! We've come upon a new (to us) BBC mystery series, "Blue Murder." It's one of those gritty city locales rather than the (supposedly) calm English villages, but we like the female lead and the cast of characters in her precinct. Good stories, great acting.

Thanks to donations, we are able to continue to "spruce up" our hospitality ministry--aka guest rooms. Some new mattresses are the latest acquisition. Just in time for the busy summer season. Getting outside every day is a novelty and a welcome follow up to a day behind a desk. Hard to get use to but we're doing our best at walking 1/2 hour or more every day. Sometimes down to the lake and other times just around our property, which is large enough!

This week's new bloomers are our two Bleeding Hearts plants. WOW.

And, finally, as always, I'm reading Mary--here she is on the wonders of spring:

This Morning

This morning the redbirds' eggs
have hatched and already the chicks
are chirping for food. They don't
know where it's coming from, they
just keep shouting, "More, More!"
As to anything else, they haven't
had a single thought. Their eyes
haven't yet opened, they know nothing
about the sky that's waiting. Or
the thousands, the millions of trees.
They don't even know they have wings.

And just like that, like a simple
neighborhood event, a miracle is
taking place.