Sunday, May 6, 2018

Let's show off!

Hey, all you readers who live in Erie---or love Erie--let's show off something other than our Golden Snow Globe Winning 198.5" of snow this past winter season! How about we all "document" our beautiful spring and send, say, one photo a day to our friends who live south of the Mason-Dixon line, or winter in the south or who use to live in the north and no longer experience spring! Let's show off our beautiful May days--No one, I  say no one, can be more appreciative of this season. Time to do a first class Show-and-Tell.

Here's mine this week:

Lots of birds are frequenting our many feeders.

Right up the road: the first goslings of the season. These are very small.

Pesky garden violets, but they are beautiful this week when they are blooming.

Benedict from the back...awash in daffodils.

Do you think they are attracted to our Morning Prayer in the chapel?!
Click on photos to enlarge.