Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Virtual evening walk

Come take a virtual after supper walk with us around the monastery and see what we just saw the other night!

Right outside the front door we find two new little trees, in full spring purple bloom. One on each side of Benedict himself.

Turning right we start down the sidewalk and run into another new tree--red maple I think. It's pretty big already and was planted in the spot where an older tree had to be removed after our early March ice and snow storm. Can you see the little bird on the shepherd's hook bird feeder?

Going around the east end we come to the library courtyard and its centerpiece tree--appropriately right in the center. It has bloomed its annual white cloud blossoms and is now shedding them. Underneath is a white carpet.

Little plants nearby the tree get a sprinkling of the falling blossoms, too.

In the back of the Mount we take a quick jaunt over to Benetwood and find that their lone, somewhat wild grape vine seems to be starting up again--all on its own. No worry, these aren't grapes for humans--primarily they just feed our deer!

Coming back along Troupe Rd. we pass lots of roadside wildflowers. Here is a very large patch of dandelions that have changed from yellow to their fluffy whiteness--ready to take to the winds.

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