Wednesday, May 2, 2018

What's Up?

Often on Sundays and Wednesdays, days when I'll be blogging, I find myself asking the same question, What would visitors see if they were with us today? Or, what would they hear us talking about? Or, what would they think about if they were among us?

Today I answer as if I were a broken record--as we are still in the first euphoria of spring and all things are centering around the natural world around us.

I saw a man and woman at prayer today and wondered if they were first-timers or if they had been here before and I had just not crossed their path. Right after prayer I ran into the woman at our glass double doors, which open into our inner courtyard--she was just standing and smiling. I passed her and said something like, "We've waited a long time, but things are finally bursting forth!" She turned and surprised me when she said, "It's just beautiful. We're from Toronto and we don't have any flowers out yet." Amazing...someone came to Erie to experience springtime!

We switched our shepherd's hook this week, too. During the winter it holds two bird feeders: a long tube and a suet cage. But the birds have slowly been ignoring it and not coming so often, so it was time to move it to the inner courtyard garden and hang a hummingbird feeder from it now!

At lunch time I saw about 25 Villa girls in the food line. They had come to volunteer with us on the school's annual spring Giving Back or Community Day. One of the things they did while here was get out, set up and clean/dust all of the patio tables and chairs. Thank you, girls. About a dozen of us took immediate advantage of our outdoor eating season for lunch and again at dinner today. Warm, sunny and glorious!

So, if you're among us these days you'll certainly still hear Easter hymns (Week 5 right now) and you'll see the chapel still decked in its Easter finery. But, the new addition is certainly SMILES! Smiles on everyone's face because it is warm, sunny and beautiful. We are indeed blessed!

Our annual row of wild daffodils came up right on schedule. They are right at the edge of our woods, behind the apple orchard.