Sunday, June 3, 2018

A rare event

Yes, since I am beginning my 12th year writing a blog under the name "Light through Stained Glass Windows" I do feel a strong affiliation with our stained glass windows--especially those in the chapel. But, in truth, we all love them. That is why this entry is so special to me and, I hope, for you.

Here's the back story. Last Thursday I stopped by chapel at about 7:45 pm. Since I was the reader at Morning Prayer Friday I wanted to check to be sure the reading was marked so I that could open the book right to it (a helpful thing at 6:30 am!)and I wanted to be sure the microphone was at the right height for me. As I was standing at the lectern getting those things settled something caught my eye and I looked over to the windows. No, not to the south windows, the ones on the left as you walk in, the ones through which all the light comes, the ones where all the reflections are made on the ceramic tiles, the floor and on the Pyrex stands that we use for the environment, the ones that everyone takes hundreds of pictures of, including me.

No, I was staring at a very rare moment when the setting sun was bright and perfectly angled through the NORTH windows. I really cannot remember ever seeing these reflections before--or at least not all at one time and not as bright and clear and full. WOW--luckily I had my camera and did the best I could to catch some shots of this rare occasion.

Enjoy them with me!