Wednesday, June 13, 2018

All the same yet each unique

Every single time I visit another Benedictine women's community I find the same thing: we are all alike, yet unique. This week at Sacred Heart Monastery in north central Alabama is no exception.

The ways we are alike are in the important things, the differences are in the little customs, cultural pieces, individual monastery ways that have grown up over the years.

Here is Part I (Part II will be next time) on some of the things that caught my eye!

In the little kitchen in our guest quarters--two panels, that slide sideways.

They reveal a heavy door that opens into....a tornado shelter! I knew this part of Alabama was in tornado alley but I didn't know what they did about it!

And at the back of the room, an "escape" tunnel, with a large wrench to open the bolts, in case you can't get back out the door.  Geeessh, this is serious business.

Meanwhile, on their lovely grounds, a brick-bordered labyrinth. They have a large retreat program with many "meditating" visitors.

And, for all who knew her, Sr. Maurus Allen's grave--13 years now.