Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Millennials all

Millennials: those born between 1982-2004 (which would make them 36-14 this year)

What a wonderful time we've had with the eight young women that are here for the first Joan Chittister Institute. They are SMART, fun, interesting, articulate, alarmingly open and trusting, and we feel nothing but blessed to have them among us.

Tuesday night they formed a panel with the community as the audience. They answered questions about their studies, their challenges as young Catholic women studying theology and/or religious studies in the Church today, and about their life far.

See for pictures and more information on this special, special program.

A big thanks to the Benetvision staff for the idea and for following through with the logistics and program to bring such delightful gals to our place. They tell us that they are thrilled to be here and we reflect it right back at them!