Sunday, June 17, 2018

OSB women-alive and well in Alabama

My time in Alabama has been delightful, albeit hot, especially in the afternoons. The early mornings and evenings are much like deep summer in Erie, warm, blue skies and clear---nothing short of simply beautiful--in all ways.

Here are some shots that "called out" to me when I saw them. Their small retreat chapel was built incorporating stained-glass windows that include statements that are perfect for a retreatant at a Benedictine monastery.

The saying goes that in Western Europe in the Middle Ages, you could travel around making stops at a Benedictine abbey every night, as there was one a day's ride away from wherever you were! Of course we're not riding horses nowadays, but you might be able to still do such by car throughout the USA. So if you're doing a "monastary road trip" start with this Geographic Index of Retreat Houses here and see who has available guest rooms that match your path and, if they do, Enjoy!