Wednesday, June 6, 2018


A few years ago I discovered the fine mysteries written by Charles Todd. Since then I've been working my way through them, generally from #1 in 1994 to #21 in 2017. According to my maybe-it's-accurate list, I have six more to go--and after this weekend it will be only five, as I finish Legacy of the Dead.

What do I like about them that has held me through 15 books?
1) The writing is good, very good;
2) The setting is 1920s, post WWI rural England which is teaching me a bit about WWI, from a European viewpoint, and about life in the proverbial small English villages, which always seem to hold the most quirky inhabitants;
3) Inspector Ian Rutledge is a great character: high commitment to truth and honor, humble about his own abilities, and struggling with the internal demons of returning from dreadful war experiences.

Ah, summer reading. I must get about bugging the sisters to send in paragraphs from their own summer reads for our What Sisters Read section of our website. I believe we're fast approaching 100 "book reports"!