Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Look at all the angles

Four years ago one of our oblates  brought a friend to the Mount. Her friend was a professional photographer. As part of her stay she offered to share some "shooting tips" with any of our sisters who love to take pictures. I was able to attend one session and as is common for lectures, seminars, classes, if I remember one good idea I'm happy. And after this one, I did--and here it is: when taking a picture of something, take shots from all sorts of angles, even unusual ones.

Remembering this tip I took this photo of a mushroom that I found in our inner courtyard the next week---looking right down at it. Not bad I thought!

Last week when I was just walking around our place I came upon a nice patch of Queen Anne's Lace growing up in one of the gardens. One of them was unusually tall and, since I had my camera with me, I thought it might make an interesting photo for this blog. Suddenly I remembered the four-year-old tip and took this shot---from underneath. Not bad I thought!