Wednesday, August 29, 2018

August and December

Thanks to the internet and the ability to read hometown newspapers online, get 24-7 communication with friends via texts, Facebook posts and emails, a vacation isn't really "leaving home" much at all. In fact, since I really love my hometown, my home, friends, ministry, etc. the only reason to take some time away is more for healthy psychological and mental reasons---a change of schedule, a break from daily responsibilities, and time for personal and emotional relaxation, so to speak. It's not just to "get out of town"!

That said, I am enjoying to no end a text from one of my more quirky friends who announced: "You missed a huge snow melt yesterday"! I had read the local paper already and knew exactly what she meant. Seems that the National Weather Service (NWS) had reason to doubt the extraordinary amount of snow that was recorded at the "official" site for our area--our airport--during a huge snowstorm last December 25-27. It seems that they put a study group together and last week announced that errors had been made by a novice snow observer at the airport and that the totals were being adjusted based on the numbers recorded by a 10-year snowfall observer who lived very near the airport. See full article here.

Much of my (our, since many of the sisters share this with me) enjoyment of this announcement comes from our memories of that time. All I recall is that our days consisted of just a few things: watching the Weather Channel, clearing off two dozen of our cars (every 12-hours, over and over again), going to prayer, meals and, as a novice snow observer for NWS myself, measuring the snowfall every few hours and sending the data into the Cleveland station.

We are proud to know that the measurements we took in our yard in Harborcreek were almost exactly what the (revised) official snowfall totals were for both the Christmas storm and for the season's total. Thanks to all my helpers--sisters who measured when I was out of town and all those who showed such interest and gave encouragement all winter. Let's do it again in 2018-19---maybe we'll be the one that the committee checks with to verify their numbers!

Oh, yes, it's really still August, so here's a local view of shore life. It's not unlike lake life, just saltier and much more crowded!