Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hard Times

It's been a couple of hard days here this week as our diocese is one of a number in Pennsylvania that are the subject of a two-year grand jury study on abuse by Catholic priests. The whole subject is shocking and has brought great sadness, along with its share of anger and distress, to the people of the Church and many others as well.

Our bishop, who has only been with us for a little more than five years, is turning out to be quite the "stand-up guy" through it all. His communications director, with whom I worked when her 20-something children were newborns and toddlers, is also contributing mightily to the admirable statements and transparent honesty that are marking their compassionate responses.

A difficult, very difficult side of humanity.

But as the poet would say, "And yet the flowers, the flowers continue to bloom and share their beauty without cost or question."

The view right below my window.