Sunday, August 26, 2018

Lighthouses that guide the way

My love of lighthouses got a huge boost this weekend as I spent a wonderful 2 hours at Cape May Point State Park, home of the Cape May Lighthouse. Open in 1859, it has thousands of visitors a year, many of whom climb the steps right up to the observation deck that surrounds the light at the top. It is a beautiful sight to behold--though simple in design and not as "interesting," I'd say, as ours at  Presque Isle.

Additionally, every day that we drive home from the shore, we pass the Wildwood Lighthouse, which is entirely different from the one at Cape May, but just as attractive to us lighthouse lovers!

I remember once reading about a couple whose retirement plans included trying to visit as many lighthouses as they could, along all five great lakes. Add the ones up and down both coasts of the USA and I believe we have an impossible task, even in a lifetime, let alone retirement years. I'll settle for the DVDs that I know are out there!

BTW, do you know that wonderful wisdom tale of the standoff between the proud captain of a submarine and a lowly seaman in a lighthouse? Remind me to tell you. (Spoiler: the lighthouse wins!)