Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Every summer we looked forward to a visit to Erie's Waldemeer amusement park. One of every child's favorite rides was the Old Mill Run. You rode a rickety, wooden flat boat through a long mill trough filled with water and, after a 3-4 minute trip, ended with a finish that sent you down a hill causing a huge spray of water to engulf the riders and even nearby onlookers.

Look at this! Flash forward a number of years and here on the Jersey boardwalk I found the 2018 version of the Old Mill Run. There is even a "splash" area where onlookers can get a cooling off. But the part that amazed me was this: a dryer!

"What?" I said to myself. You mean you don't have to walk around the rest of the park for 30 minutes to dry off, yet proudly showing off your Mill Run dousing?! was more fun the older way!

If you're in the middle of a stay-cation in Erie or anywhere, please enjoy some of mine.