Wednesday, October 24, 2018


The Erie Intermodal Transportation Center was the site this week of BFP's monthly Silent Walk For Peace. Entering its second year already, this 30-minute public demonstration for peaceful hearts, peaceful cities, peaceful countries and a peaceful world is held at various venues around Erie. This month the place was downtown right along the bay front where there are a variety of city offices as well as the hub for Erie City buses and Greyhound buses as they come into and go out of the city. The reality of border patrol agents monitoring the Greyhounds for possible immigrants to question is what drew us there to pray for peace.

Watch our community website for a reminder of November's walk on Thursday the 8th at 10th and Sassafras Sts.

By 7:00 pm the sun has just about set in our part of the country in late October. The only light available for these shots was artificial but I thought it would be worth a try.

The Russian Orthodox church on the cliffs above the Bayfront Highway.

The Bicentennial Tower

The side wall of windows in our main library branch, with the masts of the Flagship Niagara in the background.

A large Great Lakes freighter in port.