Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Excellent observers

Our sisters are excellent observers--particularly when it comes to our chapel's stained glass windows. With the return of the early spring sun our side windows are "going crazy" when the sun's just right--and those of us who spend all our prayer times with them, know just when and how these special moments will occur.

If you scroll down a little you'll see an unusual design on the ceramic floor that we caught at 12:45 pm last week--unusual because no one is usually in chapel at that time! One sister who loves our windows, too, asked me exactly what time it was when I took that picture--see? they really are knowledgeable!

I've thought that it would be a great "adventure" to spend the whole of a bright sunny day in the chapel just taking pictures as the sun played around from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Maybe we'd have to do a sort of tag team every couple hours....but it would surely bring some great shots!

As much as I love the 16 huge side windows there's something about the seven slender ones on the west side that grabs my interest. Again, at this time of year the late afternoon sun is giving us breathtaking views throughout Evening Prayer of these jewel-like sparklers. One of my friends and I have tried endlessly, and in vain, to capture the look, but we can't get it. All the photos fall terribly short. If you think these photos are ought to see them in person!

Finally, (I fear I could go on and on about this subject!) a couple of my friends told me of an unusual sun-event they saw in the chapel at about 5:00 pm Sunday. The sun, shining through the ceiling clerestory, hit one of the green EXIT signs and produced an unusual result on the wall. Can you see the beginnings of the word EXIT? See, I told you they are excellent observers.

P.S. When professional photographers come here for an interview or photos, no matter how many possible places we show them for their shots, they always, always, always come back to the chapel. They love to catch settings with the windows in the background. Maybe they'd like to come and sit around for 14 hours some sunny day!