Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Closing days

Vacation days are quickly coming to an end. Here are a couple "things I did on my summer vacation" to share with those of you whose vacation is long over or is still to come...even for a few days away from the daily!

We took a long walk on the North Wildwood Sea Wall--a marvelous mile long sidewalk built along the shore line on top of huge rocks that have been there for decades.

And here is a view, from the beach, of the Hereford Lighthouse. If you're into lighthouses, as many shoreline people are, take a look here to read about this Wildwood, NJ lighthouse right on the Atlantic Ocean.

And, finally, we have watching some DVDs that we were able to check out at the local library. The ones we're really enjoying are movies that I believe are called "cozy mysteries" because they have no serious violence, sex, guns. They are movies made from Alexander McCall Smith's books The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Set in Botswana in southern Africa, they offer a delightful mixture of African culture within and around the mysteries that are presented (and solved).