Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Here are two unique events from my knowledge of vacationing in New Jersey:

1) Wawa--a great conglomeration of local convenience stores. In our town they might be close to Country Fairs, but these Wawas are something...there is a CONSTANT flow of traffic in and out and, since "ours" is rather small, customers are kind of shoulder to shoulder, but they seem to be able to glide among each other, find what they need and make their way to the cashiers. All at fast, yet calm speed. Amazing establishments!

Our Wawa.

2) At the ocean yesterday we viewed a group of dolphins "passing by." As in 20 or so dolphins swimming in a long, long line parallel to the shore. Every once and a while one would rise up just a little, but we never saw a full jump or anything even close. Among other things this experience takes me back to one of my favorite books, An Exaltation of Larks. Just what is a group of dolphins called? Answer from the book: a pod of dolphins. Nowhere near as clever as a leap of leopards, a parliament of owls, an ostentation of peacocks, a smack of jellyfish or a murder of crows!