Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Afghanistan has been back in the news lately and that has made me listen to the song, "Far Afghanistan," sung by James Taylor. It has a haunting melody and lyrics so I wanted to share it with you, as I did this week with a friend. The line that most affected her was, "If he makes it home alive, they teach him how to fight" and for me it was, "But nothing could prepare me for the beauty of the place." It should give you pause for thought, I'm sure. Beautiful, sad, haunting all wrapped up as one.

Many years ago the Erie Times News reported that there had been a sighting of an albino deer on our peninsula, aka Presque Isle State Park. My friend Nancy and I often took rides around the peninsula and sure enough one weekend afternoon we saw it in a field with other deer. It wasn't totally white, more of a very, very light tan, but certainly albino-ish! Flash forward decades and our kitchen/food service manager shared this photo of an albino deer that is living near them, south of the city. Amazing!