Sunday, September 1, 2019

Aptly named

Vacation days are over and we arrived home after an eight+ hour drive across Pennsylvania. If one ever had a doubt that Penn's Woods was an appropriate name for our state, all you'd have to do is drive right across the middle of the state from near the New Jersey border to near the Ohio border, along Rte 80 (as we did) and you'd know why it is the perfect name.

Every hill, valley, small town and countryside is a Currier & Ives/Grandma Moses vista of beauty. Every time Rte 80 makes a considerable turn, you come out of the turn into a breathtaking view. Here at the end of August the fields and grasses are lush, the trees line the highway for miles and are as thick as can be and late summer flowers, crops, farms and farmlands are everywhere and stunning to behold. One gorgeous scene follows another, mile after mile after mile. (Our neighbors New York State and Ohio have much the same, too!)

And, since the Labor Day Weekend traffic must be at its least on Sunday, we practically had the road to ourselves. The absence of trucks was very noticeable and the only time we encountered anything that could even be considered to be "mildly heavy traffic" was when we turned onto I-90, 15 miles from home!

Home sweet home--and look what was awaiting me when I got there: