Sunday, September 22, 2019

Retro blogs

On our community website we have a section of "Sister blogs." And according to the statistics we receive, they get a fair number of hits each week. But when it comes to the members of our community themselves, the number one blogs they read are posted on doors. Yes, doors, I said--two office doors in our administrative hallway.

One is a once or twice a week posting of an inspirational thought about the Sunday scriptures or something about a special feast day or even occasionally about a civic holiday. The quote and the accompanying full-color illustration/picture are beautiful and they attract a steady line of viewers on their way to a meal, the elevator or just down the hall for business. I have written about this "door blog" before.

A few months ago, on the other side of the hall, a second "door blog" appeared. This one was an instant hit and has rivaled its neighbor in attention and readers. This one is humorous. Witty in word play, humorous photos and just plain fun. She "posts" 5-6 of these at a time and everyone quickly has their favorite of the week. As in, "Did you see the one with the cat? It's so funny."

Here are a couple of the most recent from our latest blogger. Hope you enjoy them.