Sunday, October 6, 2019


It's mushroom time at our Glinodo property, especially along the boardwalk down to the lake. There are three large evergreens rather close together and in the grasses around them a colony of mushrooms seem to pop up every fall. I've been disappointed that I haven't seen them this year, even thinking that I'd missed them entirely, as I don't get down there as much as I wish. But, today I did and found this amanita mushroom. Well, I'm not sure it is an amanita, for 20 minutes on google and google images doesn't make one a mycologist (one who studies mushrooms)!

Anyway, if it is an amanita it is not one of the edible kinds of mushrooms, poison in fact. No fear here, I wouldn't even think of picking it, as it is beautiful to just behold! I hope some of its friends come along soon though, they make a lovely setting for October viewing.