Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Funk & Wagnalls---fond memories

No, this is not from National Geographic, nor from our Presque Isle State Park or from google images! This was taken by my friend Io right in the backyard of the Mount yesterday. What a great shot! So, I immediately went to google and put in white-tailed deer, which eventually got me to what I was looking for: their mating season--and sure enough mid-September to mid-November, with October being the prime time.

We seldom see buck, especially with antlers like these, on our property, but we do have plenty of doe with their various-aged offspring--and it is October.

This whole scene took me back to growing up. What did we do as a child or even an adult, when we had questions such as that? Ask the nearest adult? Go to an encyclopedia if we had one? Wait till we got to school to find one? Call the reference desk at the library?! It's a whole new wonderful world of knowledge now: What's that? What's this? When is it happening? How do they do that? Where's that? Who was she? Just "google it" and voila!