Sunday, October 20, 2019

October interlude

This weekend was certainly an autumn interlude, a break from our more recent cool and somewhat rainy days that crept in throughout October. But, this weekend the sun shined brightly and the temperatures hit 70.

Two major groups were extremely grateful for this "surprise": the first one I'd say were the groups that came to our place this weekend, three of them. All really did their own thing, so to speak. One was a one-day retreat, the second was here from a local college for a planning meeting and the third was another college small group here for a get-away and probably some planning within that. All of them could enjoy the beautiful sunny outdoors, whether they were actually in it or enjoyed it through open windows.

The second major group that was very grateful for this break were the local residents of the Erie area. We took some time at the peninsula Sunday afternoon and I swear 1/2 of Erie was there! People were walking, fishing, taking their boats out of the water for the season, playing with their dogs and kids, biking, and any other activity they could come up with. We were doing a little walking and passing pleasantries with other walkers and bikers we met, along with trying to get some photos--primarily just for this blog.

Here's the best one of the day--The Victorian Princess must still be having lunch/afternoon trips around the bay. Beautiful!