Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Sunrise, sunset

In our Lake Erie town the sunset is right "into" Lake Erie, allowing great beachfront or parking lot views on the lake's edge and at Presque Isle State Park, as well as right at our Glinodo beach, too. One of our sisters, a great photographer, is obsessed with catching the perfect sunset and has taken 100s of photos in the attempt.

In October, the three weeks that precede turning the clocks back an hour, we have a unique sunrise reality. The sun rises around 7:30 am, give or take 15 minutes during these three weeks. That is exactly when we are arriving at work. So, as you can see from the pictures below, I can run up to my office on the fourth floor, go to the old fashioned fire escape on the east side, open the upper window (no screens) and see these once-a-year sunrises come up over the east side of the city of Erie.

I'm going to try to get our sunset-Sister to come up to the fourth floor window, too, and try her magic eye on a sunrise!