Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Music, music

We are blessed with wonderful musicians and music here at the Mount--and it's about to get much better!

Both the Sisters Schola (34 singers strong) and handbell choir (10 of us) have new pieces that we've been faithfully practicing for over three months now, getting ready for the Advent and Christmas seasons. It's great fun to get new songs, yet they come with just a little "appropriate nervousness" when performing them for the first time!

Then, if those weren't exciting enough, we arrived at the first of two special all-community choir practices last week, again for Advent and Christmas, and what do we find? a new Mass (with five sung parts) for our Sunday liturgies and 6 new Benedictus tones and 6 new Magnificate tones for our everyday Morning and Evening Prayer! A bonanza of music has erupted.

I know many of you don't live near enough to come and hear all of these, but check out our homepage now and then. We do record them and upload them there occasionally.

Wish you could be here!